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Food businesses can fight against recession with the help of a new, award-winning concept in production facilities, Jan 2009


Starting a food business is a viable option for many people who have the culinary talent and want to work for themselves and cooking from home means that it’s a cost-effective way of entering the world of enterprise. But success brings the need to look beyond the domestic kitchen and finding the money to invest in a commercial unit is tough, even without the credit-crunch.

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Food or Fashion? Ahead of the trend could mean a step ahead of recession, Nov 2008


At The Olive Grows we’ve been watching with interest how consumer habits in the food and fashion industries are converging.

The nation’s eating habits are becoming more sophisticated and this is an area where the food industry sometimes mimics the catwalk in the speed at which consumers crave new tastes, textures and colours in what they eat. For small, local and artisan food producers in London this is great news because they are at the forefront of providing London’s taste buds with fresh and vibrant products that are globally inspired.
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Hidden Culinary Talents Revealed in West London, aug 2008


They came from all over London with their mouth-watering global fare to celebrate the launch of a new local facility. Exotic dips, Korean wraps, super-food chocolates and healing juice from the rainforest were just some of the food and drink sampled by guests at the launch party of the Olive Grows kitchen.

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One less thing for London’s aspiring young food businesses to worry about, Jun 2008


The Olive Grows is a unique new business venture that brings to an end one of the most crippling dilemmas for people trying to start successful catering and food production businesses.

The concept is simple: Access to a HACCP certified production kitchen on flexible and affordable terms; businesses or individuals can book as little as a half day session to make their products.

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