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How to extend a retail brand into new markets

Stewed! One-Pot meals open first chain of takeaway kiosks




NEWS January 2012




Stewed! one of the first companies to launch a food business from our kitchens 3 years ago goes from strentgh to strength.  Having achieved their primary objective of launching a new food brand in to the retail sector, the company is now poised to enter a 2nd market as part of their ongoing growth strategy; the world of take-away kiosks.

As always with Alan and the team at stewed! they never sit back on their success but always  look to innovate both the products and the concept and the channel to market.

Read the full press release below for more information...


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Business Startup Show - How to start a successful food business

Slides and handouts from the presentation - Habits of Successful Food Entrepreneurs


NEWS December 2011


Thank you to all of you who came along and listened to our presentation on the habits of successful food entrepreneurs and mistakes that are too often made by aspriring food businesses.

Thank you also to everyone who visited our stand during the show and who requested a copy of the presentation.


If you need any further help with starting your business or would like to visit our facilities at any time please call us on 020 8965 3553 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Please click on this first slide below to download a PDF copy of the presentation



The next Business Start-Up Show is on the 17th and 18th May 2012 at Earl's Court.  You can find more information here

I would recommend it to anyone starting a new business or growing an existing business.  The seminars are brilliant and there is a plethora of resource and information for the budding entrepreneur.


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Mrs Tinks launches range of hand-made ready meals for children of all ages

Busy South West London families are invited to a free tasting on the 4th November 2011 to sample a guilt-free alternative to home cooking

NEWS October 2011

Tinksfood.comEvery parent's best friend in the kitchen

Giving their children healthy delicious food is a priority for parents, but today’s busy lifestyles mean that cooking from scratch every night is not always possible.

Made with ingredients parents would use themselves at home, relieving them of the stress of making every meal.

Mrs_Tinks_kids_family_foodWith Mrs Tinks, parents can now find a range of delicious meals that the whole family would like to eat - from the youngest toddler to grown-up family members. The range is free from added sugar and salt, and is full of tasty vegetables to make it a complete and easy meal.

And from November 4th Mrs Tinks’ range of delicious, nutritious kids ready meals will be available in Budgens, Parsons Green with family tasting says on the 4th and 17th.

“I love cooking and its great to see children enjoy my food but I understand it’s also nice to have a break and see them enjoy someone else’s!”

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Another new food brand launches from The Olive Grows kitchens

Honestly Healthy's delicious, nourishing meals take the stage from 1st July exclusively at Selfridges


NEWS June 2011

HonestlyHealthyLogoFood With Your Body In Mind

The brainchild of organic chef Natasha Corrett and leading nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson, Honestly Healthy is a fresh, balanced and alkaline range of vegetarian foods that offer an antidote to the glut of so-called health foods that are actually anything but.

Honestly Healthy's delicious, nourishing meals come fresh from the kitchen every day and are brimming in alkalizing ingredients that balance the energy-sapping components of the typically acidic Western diet. Honestly Healthy provides food that nourishes the body without placing the digestive system under any strain. With one of their dishes on your plate you can be sure that you are eating food as nature intended, while supporting local farmers and safeguarding the fertility of our land.

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