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Home News - Food's fashion appeal
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Food or Fashion? Ahead of the trend could mean a step ahead of recession, Nov 2008


At The Olive Grows we’ve been watching with interest how consumer habits in the food and fashion industries are converging.

The nation’s eating habits are becoming more sophisticated and this is an area where the food industry sometimes mimics the catwalk in the speed at which consumers crave new tastes, textures and colours in what they eat. For small, local and artisan food producers in London this is great news because they are at the forefront of providing London’s taste buds with fresh and vibrant products that are globally inspired.

So what’s happening? Firstly, celebrities now influence more than just the shade of our denim, the lengths of our skirts and the colour of our eye-shadow. Whether it’s health campaigns by Jamie and Hugh or the use of an ingredient by Nigella or Delia, celebrity chef endorsements are driving trends in food and drink.

Consumers now have access to infinite information through the internet, through viral marketing and their global travel. Issues such as health and nutrition, provenance of food ingredients and authenticity of recipes have become vital triggers in the food purchasing decisions they make and discerning foodies are demanding new and more faithful food and drink products.
We as consumers are also much more concerned about the carbon footprint that we make, whether its fashion or food. Fair trade, ethical, local, organic? They are all in demand, from the cotton in our shirt to the coffee in our cup.

Finally, and one to continue watching, innovation in the functionality of foods, just as with fabrics and make-up, is driving a whole new market as we increasingly crave ways of boosting our health, keeping illnesses at bay and improving our body’s performance.

Olga Astaniotis from The Olive Grows says; “Food is our business and our passion. Since opening this July, our clients have already had tasting sessions with Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Budgens and Partridges. That’s the kind of quality product they are producing. stewed! is just one example of something new that is true to its origins and produced on a small scale to retain quality.”

“They have thrived because we provide them with affordable, high quality production facilities that they can grow from, instead of struggling in their kitchen at home. Their customers know that the premium, quality products they are purchasing have been made well, in the right environment, from start to finish.”

“I grew up in the fashion industry and I’ve watched as these two markets have developed in increasingly similar ways. Being on-trend has been an essential element of business success for the fashion industry since time began. But the need to predict trends in what consumers want to eat tomorrow is a more recent development. We’re making sure our clients understand the dynamics of their consumers’ speedily changing tastes.”

London has always been a global leader in generating fantastic creativity and innovation in art and fashion; but the food scene in London is just as exciting and now’s the time for our taste buds to know it!

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