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Home News - West London's culinary talents revealed
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Hidden Culinary Talents Revealed in West London, aug 2008


They came from all over London with their mouth-watering global fare to celebrate the launch of a new local facility. Exotic dips, Korean wraps, super-food chocolates and healing juice from the rainforest were just some of the food and drink sampled by guests at the launch party of the Olive Grows kitchen.

The kitchen in Park Royal is a new facility for food businesses and individuals, available for hire for as little as three and a half hours, as often as needed, or just for a one off occasion. It is designed for new and young catering and food production businesses, for established businesses that need extra capacity and for individuals that need occasional or one-off access to a large, commercial kitchen space.

The Olive Grows’ clients are creative, food-loving people who are producing the most amazing and innovative products. Ebony Gordon of Orinoco Coco is typical, although her chocolates are most certainly not. She says; “Like many new businesses, I make all my products at home, but I will soon outgrow my kitchen and it’s re-assuring to know that I have this flexible, affordable facility on my doorstep”. Ebony’s hand-made chocolates are a perfect combination of raw cacao, nutritious super foods, all sweetened with the delectable low G.I. agave syrup, but best of all, these edible delights are suitable for a whole host of dietary needs”.

Ebony and her fellow-users get so much more than just a kitchen, as Olga Astaniotis, Director, explains. “Making the products is one thing, but pricing them correctly, promoting the company, developing brands and markets and managing finances can often be far more challenging. So The Olive Grows is also about helping our clients tackle these issues successfully through our years of experience, our network of contacts and our passion for seeing young enterprises thrive.

George Poole, fellow Director, explains how the idea came about. “The food production and catering sector is an attractive business proposition for so many, because all you need to start is a handful of customers (often friends and family) and your kitchen at home. But I’ve seen too many fledgling businesses fail because they can’t afford the next step, which is to move to quality, commercial premises. This is a stepping stone for them; a solution that enables our clients to hire space only when they need it for as long as they need.”

The Little Chef’s Cookery Workshop is another customer. The company inspires families and children to cook using vegetarian, organic ingredients and books weekly sessions for their workshops.

The Olive Grows also caters for private individuals and community groups who may need the facilities for special occasions such as weddings, or charity and community events.

“The response from all the people we’ve spoken to already has been phenomenal”, adds George. “These facilities are definitely welcomed in the local area, and we look forward to working with London’s talented residents and businesses who share our passion for creating great food”.


For further information please contact:

Olga Astaniotis, Director
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