One less thing for London’s aspiring young food businesses to worry about, Jun 2008


The Olive Grows is a unique new business venture that brings to an end one of the most crippling dilemmas for people trying to start successful catering and food production businesses.

The concept is simple: Access to a HACCP certified production kitchen on flexible and affordable terms; businesses or individuals can book as little as a half day session to make their products.

Director George Poole explains how the idea came about. “I work with food businesses every day. The food production and catering sector is an attractive business proposition for so many, because all you need to start is a handful of customers (often friends and family) and your kitchen at home. The problems start when you outgrow your kitchen. I’ve seen too many fledgling businesses fail because they can’t afford the next step, which is to move in to quality premises. There’s no middle ground, so for me the solution was simple; provide the professional kitchen for them and let them book into it when they need for as long as they need!”

The production kitchen is based in Park Royal, North West London in an industrial heartland that is already home to nearly 200 food and drink businesses and with excellent transport links.
George and the team at The Olive Grows are determined to help new businesses have the best possible start and will use their networks and contacts to promote the products and companies and to help their clients learn as much as possible about running a professional production unit and growing a business.

“We’re confident each of our customers won’t need us for too long, because we hope that they will be successful very quickly. Healthy cash flow and a strong portfolio of clients should come more easily as businesses will have more to invest in product and market development, instead of having to finance too early the large start-up costs associated with taking on a commercial kitchen”.

The production kitchen will operate 24 hours a day, with three 7-hour shifts. Three production lines will operate at any one time; two cooking areas and one cold area. It is fully equipped to meet the needs of most food production businesses.

As well as serving businesses, the production kitchen can also be used by private individuals who might occasionally need large kitchen facilities for weddings, large private functions and cultural events.

The production kitchen is already in use after just one week of opening. “The response from all the people we’ve spoken to already has been phenomenal”, adds George. “Our customers are as excited about it as we are!”


For further information please contact:

Olga Astaniotis, Director
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