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Home News - Retail success for Olive Grows' 1st client
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stewed! sails into Sainsbury’s on a raft of announcements, Feb 2010


“Only quality ingredients are allowed into these gourmet stews and it shows.” Eat In, Nov 09

All said and done, 2009 was a busy old year for stewed! What with reinventing the entire concept of stew and ready meals, launching into Budgens, Harvey Nicks, Waitrose and ocado.com just one year after selling their first farmers’ market pot; whilst simultaneously cleaning up on glowing reviews from both press and punters alike and notching up some cracking stew puns ….


"It takes stew, baby:Give your microwave a treat with one of the sumptuous pots from stewed! ...  fantastic stews with international flavours." delicious. Nov 09

… stewed! hits Sainsbury’s ….

This year promises no let up .. on expansion or puns. From 10th February 2010, founder Alan
Rosenthal’s stew-topian plans (told you) will move a step closer, as he launches a select stewed!
range into 80 Sainsbury’s stores.

“ Looking for a hearty, nutritious meal? These microwaveable pots, full of chunky veg and spice …
make a great low-fat yet filling lunch.” BBC Good Food, Feb 2010

… stewed! launches new single-serve pot range ….

Stew was company (you were warned), then it became a crowd. To head off the unseemly battle
for the biggest portion, stewed! is launching new single-serve pots in February 2010 – perfect for
the lunchbox, in the office, on the move and most importantly, on your own. Still microwaveable
and freezable, additive and preservative free, still crammed to the gunwales with great, satisfying
chunks of quality ingredients, still delicately balanced with spices, flavour combinations and
inspiration from across the world … you just don’t have to share any more. Result.

"If the mere mention of stew triggers memories of the grey meat and soggy veg of school dinners,
you'll be pleasantly surprised by stewed!'s new hearty, instant meals." Zest. Nov 09

… stewed! develops new Hungarian Goulash stew ….

From February 2010, that group-hugging, global village that is the stewed! kitchen, will welcome
a real-deal goulash into the family: a rich feast of slow-cooked beef, red peppers, caraway seed
and sweet paprika. Seasoned with a sniff of the steppes and a blast of Bartók, it’s just the job when
you’re feeling seriously Hungary (so very sorry!).

“So good we wish we’d come up with the recipe … a tasty, beautifully cooked gourmet stew.”
Cook Vegetarian! Veggie Awards: Highly Commended Finalist 2010

… and confirms stewed! recipe book with Ebury Press ….

And for those out there who still don’t believe that ready-made can be gourmet-ed, October 2010
will see Ebury Press publishing a stewed! book of 80 of Alan Rosenthal’s secret stew and one-pot
wonder recipes. But beware, once we’ve told you we will have to kill you.

“Bowled Over: If you like soup with substance, these hearty meals …
by stewed! will banish winter blues." olive. Nov 09

the stewed! family

Hungarian goulash stew (£3.79 / 325g pot) – chunks of slow-cooked British beef with
potatoes, sweet paprika, caraway seed, red peppers and kidney beans.
Chickpea, sweet potato and feta stew (£3.79 / 325g pot) – chickpeas cooked with hearty
veggies, smoked paprika and saffron, laced with crumbly feta cheese and sweet potatoes.
Equally good cold as hot. (V)
Chorizo, chickpea and pork stew (£3.79 / 325g pot) – slow-cooked chunks of tender British
pork, lovingly combined with smoky, preservative free Spanish chorizo, chickpeas, some
fresh, hearty veggies and smoked paprika.
Moroccan chicken stew (£3.79 / 325g pot) – whopping chunks of tender chicken, cooked
with potatoes, juicy green olives, tangy preserved lemons and a sprinkling of exotic spices.

“Proper, wholesome, chunky stews with no nasties, made for you with real care – perfect for when you’re tired and in need of a culinary hug.” Fresh, February 2009