Latest new product launch brings an innovative taste of India

Spicesutra lunch a superb range of authentic Indian pickles at Lunch! 2010


SpiceSutra-logoPRESS RELEASE AUG 2010

The authentic flavours of India are emanating from The Olive Grows’ kitchens with the introduction to the market of a new range of spicy, intoxicatingly delicious pickles from the house of SpiceSutra.

Designed for both the retail and foodservice sectors, the product range fills a gap in the market, providing authentic meat, vegetable and fish pickles, which are not widely available in the UK.  The range will be launched fully at this year’s Lunch! Innovation Zone on the 30th September.


SpiceSutra was founded in March 2010 and is already poised to launch into the retail market, having tasted success at London’s New Spitalfields and been shortlisted by the Metro Newspaper’s Venture Candy competition.

The delicious range will complement a wide variety of menus and dishes:

  • Chicken in Tomato and Roasted Pepper
  • Chicken in Courgette and Roasted Garlic
  • Lamb in Ginger, Tamarind and Mango
  • Smoked Lamb and Aubergine
  • Fish in Tomato and Green Mango

It's a pickle, but not as we know it...

Unlike many pickles on the market, SpiceSutra’s pickles have chunky pieces of meat, fish or vegetables and are quite dry in consistency, giving them a more versatile application and a distinctive, concentrated flavour.

Cordon Bleu-trained founder Ripinder Singh is excited by the prospects of his new products.  Like many new food entrepreneurs, the dream has been brewing for some time.

“I’ve had the basic recipe for meat-pickling for 12 years.  It came from my best friend’s Mum in Mumbai, who was the most amazing cook and had learnt her skills from the villagers in the Kashmiri mountains.  I have wanted to do something with this recipe since then and last June I started to refine the recipes to achieve the right balance between authenticity and meeting the discerning flavour expectations of UK consumers.

“Whilst I was inspired by the product from back home, I knew that presentation, texture and flavour would have to be adjusted for it to work as a retail product in the UK.  For example, we have refined the level of spiciness to give it just the right kick, but without compromising on the divine aroma and distinctive flavour.”

The Olive Grows once again fast-tracks the launch of new products on to the market

The product range has been selling well at New Spitalfields Market, where Spice Sutra has developed a loyal following.  Ripinder’s goal is to see the product on the supermarket shelves by the end of the year and used widely and creatively by the UK’s discerning chefs.  He will launch the full range at this year’s Lunch! In the Innovation Zone on the 30th September 2010.

Like many new entrepreneurs looking to launch a food business, Ripinder has found the flexibility of The Olive Grows’ kitchens invaluable.

“Being able to work from a professional space like The Olive Grows has been ideal for someone like me. The flexibility to hire a well equipped kitchen on a flexible basis is just fantastic. Having different caterers and food manufacturers working under one roof has been a great way to network and at the same time find out what the market wants and in what direction it is heading.  As we grow, I can just book more time in the kitchens and so meet demand without worrying about capacity.”

Like all of The Olive Grows’ artisans, SpiceSutra uses the highest quality ingredients.  The products have no preservatives, flavour enhancers, hydrogenated fats, or artificial colours and all the meats are 100% halal.  The pickles have an ambient shelf life of six months.

The pickles can be consumed in a number of ways; eaten in a stir-fry or as a filling in a sandwich or toasty, as a dip with poppadoms or nan breads or as a topping on canapé.  It gives the home cook or chef an ingredient that will add excitement to any dish.

Editors’ Notes:


Featuring at this year’s Innovation Zone at Lunch, 30th Sept to 1st Oct, Old Billingsgate

Shortlisted, The Metro Challenge Venture Candy Awards for Innovative Product

Product available for both the retail and foodservice markets, in 200 gm jars or 2.5 kg catering tubs.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Jones
07968 963456
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