British Tristram Stuart is recogised for his fight against food waste

Winner, Prestigious Sophie Prize 2011

NEWS Mar 2011

The Olive Grows congratulates Tristram Stuart, fellow London Food Board member, for his award of the Sophie Prize of 2011 who has been recognised for his "innovative, energetic, humorous and thoughtful contributions to raising consciousness about one of today’s most palpable environmental and moral scandals: Food waste"

"Receiving the Sophie Prize sends a strong signal how food waste is a global tragedy, but also an opportunity in order to increase food supply and decrease impact on the environment" Tristram Stuart says.

He will now use the Sophie Prize to work more globally.

"The Sophie Prize will give our work a boost and help to broadcast the message internationally" Stuart says.


press release courtesy of the Sophie Prize

The Sophie Prize 2011 Statement:

Since the publication of his acclaimed book Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal (Penguin, 2009), British Tristram Stuart (1978) has been helping charities, governments, businesses and institutions implement reductions in food waste.

Stuart combines the roles of the activist, the lobbyist and the analytical writer. Using many striking examples, Stuart shows how simple changes can be introduced by consumers, politicians and businesses to dramatically reduce waste. He emphasizes the shameful dimensions of food distribution, whereby more than a third of the food goes to waste in rich countries. At the same time, nearly a billion people worldwide are seriously undernourished.

Stuart underlines how the waste of food is an environmental threat. If production were tailored to fit the demand, the net result would be a healthier environment. Stuart also points out how development aid could invest in local farmers and local agriculture infrastructure, for instance grain store and pasteurization, so that food could get from farm to market before it is destroyed.

Tristram Stuart's initiatives and analyses of food waste do not pretend to offer a complete solution to the world's environmental problems. However, he should be commended for calling attention to a widespread - but long neglected - phenomenon: The world's food waste mountain.

Stuart shows how food is an essential global resource, and how reducing food waste may have positive consequences - both at an individual level, for the world's economy and ecology. Stuart spans the macro and the micro, and the movement he has instigated, based primarily in the UK with promising developments in several other countries, has enormous potential for expansion into the rest of the world.

Tristram Stuart is awarded the Sophie Prize of 2011 for raising consciousness about and acting in relation to food waste at all levels of society, from the kitchen bin to the rubbish dump, from the orange groves of California to the supermarket waste container.

About the Sophie Prize:
The Sophie Prize is an international award (US $ 100,000), for environment and sustainable development, awarded annually. The Sophie Prize is established to inspire people working towards a sustainable future. The Prize was established in 1997 by the Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder and his wife Siri Dannevig .

Former prize winners:
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1998 Environmental Rights Action (Nigeria)

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