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Home News - Children's delicious ready meals launch in SW London Nov 2011
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Mrs Tinks launches range of hand-made ready meals for children of all ages

Busy South West London families are invited to a free tasting on the 4th November 2011 to sample a guilt-free alternative to home cooking

NEWS October 2011

Tinksfood.comEvery parent's best friend in the kitchen

Giving their children healthy delicious food is a priority for parents, but today’s busy lifestyles mean that cooking from scratch every night is not always possible.

Made with ingredients parents would use themselves at home, relieving them of the stress of making every meal.

Mrs_Tinks_kids_family_foodWith Mrs Tinks, parents can now find a range of delicious meals that the whole family would like to eat - from the youngest toddler to grown-up family members. The range is free from added sugar and salt, and is full of tasty vegetables to make it a complete and easy meal.

And from November 4th Mrs Tinks’ range of delicious, nutritious kids ready meals will be available in Budgens, Parsons Green with family tasting says on the 4th and 17th.

“I love cooking and its great to see children enjoy my food but I understand it’s also nice to have a break and see them enjoy someone else’s!”

Who is Mrs Tinks?

Julia Boddy lives in South London with her photographer husband and three children. She founded Mrs Tinks last year, inspired by how much other people’s children loved her cooking and with a passion to create honest food for busy families.

MrsTinks_beeflasagne_childrens_readymeals“I knew my food tasted great and was healthy and fresh so I came up with Mrs Tinks - every parent’s best friend in the kitchen.”

Mrs Tinks began by selling directly to parents at her children’s school. With wonderful feedback from both the local parents and their children, plus the support and encouragement of friends and family, Julia was able to expand the business by selling through local Deli’s and a home delivery service covering South East London.

The meals are also on the menu at the Horniman Museum and a local kids café where you can sometimes find Mrs Tinks running children's cookery classes. The home delivery service has now been expanded to cover South West London.

So why launch a kids meal range?

As a working mum, Julia was aware of the pressure on busy parents to cook fresh meals for their families on a daily basis. She found that babies and toddlers were well-catered for in the supermarkets, but growing children were less easy to shop for and satisfy at meal times. The Mrs Tinks range meets this gap in the market and offers a guilt free alternative to home cooking, not just for babies and toddlers but for children of any age.

“It was such a relief to find a meal I could feed to all my children! They loved it.”

Christina, mum to Noah, age 12, Samuel, age 7 and Alex, age 2

From small beginnings

The business is growing organically and the direct feedback from parents ensures that busy families who don’t want to compromise on home cooking can now buy a ready meal brand that they can trust and that kids will love to eat. Over the past year the recipes have been tried and tested by hundreds of children and parents. They have found that the 300g portion offers more flexibility to feed one older child or two little ones.

“After serving up your fish pie to my children and their friends today the boys turned their noses up and said they didn't like fish pie! I told them it was Mrs Tinks, and they said "Oh in that case I love it" and they all finished the lot!”

Sarah, mum to Dylan, age 8 and Amelia, age 5

Mrs Tinks’ range:

  • Fish Pie: Bursting with tasty salmon and cod this dish is complimented by the creamy cheese sauce. Comfort food for all the family!
  • Spinach and Butternut Squash Lasagne: Try our yummy veggie lasagne made with roasted butternut squash and chopped spinach. Kids love the sweetness of the Squash and the tasty Ricotta adds a twist to the classic cheese sauce.
  • Beef Lasagne: The rich Ragu is made with British beef, covered with layers of fresh lasagne sheets and cheese sauce. Roasted and mashed Sweet Potato added to the Ragu gives it a sweetness that children love.
  • Chicken Curry: Described by my children as ‘tasty spicy’ not ‘hot spicy’ this is a curry that’s perfect for children of all ages. Tasty chicken breast fillet complimented by Butternut Squash, Coconut Milk and the perfect mix of fresh ginger and spices. It’s also good to know this one is gluten free.


Editors’ notes:

  • Mrs Tinks is not just aimed at fussy eaters but is there to meet children’s taste demands and to offer parents a convenient and guilt free alternative to home cooked food.
  • All the meals are free from added sugar, salt, artificial flavourings or preservatives.
  • At 300g they also offer the flexibility to feed two small children or one older child.
  • The meals can conveniently be cooked in the microwave or oven.
  • There are plans to make the meals available in family sized portions to help families to eat together. There are also new meals soon to be added to the range, including a delicious Shepherds Pie.

Press enquiries and images:

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Mrs Tinks would love to contribute to any articles as ‘every parents little helper in the kitchen’. Offering advice to busy parents who face the daily challenge of feeding their family great food, whilst keeping it varied and delicious!

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