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Home Resources and Advice for Food Businesses

Services, Resources and Business Advice for Food Businesses

Practical support for caterers, food businesses and new food entrepreneurs


  • Start a catering business
  • Develop and grow the next big food brand
  • Expand your customer base and product range

For businesses and people in the food industry, The Olive Grows provides a support network and a source of experience, professional advice and industry knowledge. The team is ready to share their contacts and experience to help you run a succesful business.


"The Olive Grows has been ideal for someone like me...There is also the benefit of having Olga and George who are very accommodating of my fluid plans and have immense knowledge of the food industry so there is always someone to turn to if you need advice or guidance".

Ripindher Singh, FounderSpiceSutra-logo



The team from Stewed! making use of The Olive Grows kitchen

You may be at the early stages with a business idea or have been running a succesful enterprise for some time.  New perspectives and fresh thinking can help you take the next step.


Sensible business advice, invaluable connections


Starting a new business or growing an established one is hard work, and we hope to make the journey a little easier. We can help in many ways:

  • Contacts – we can help you source ingredients, products, packaging, services and sales opportunities through our extensive network
  • Financial - product costing and pricing, raising finance and templates for cash flow forecasting
  • Business development and sales – using our contacts, networks and our own experience of selling food products
  • Marketing – affordable solutions for effective PR, promotion, website and brand development
  • Food safety and technical support– food safety training, HACCP standards, sustainable sourcing and production, testing and analysis