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Mrs Tinks

Delicious hand-prepared ready meals for kids

Mrs_Tinks_logo_2_smallJanuary 2010

Mrs Tinks doesn't need market research experts to tell her that there is demand for healthy, nutritious, tasty meals for children that appeal to both kids and their parents.  She is a mother of 3 young children herself and knows exactly Mrs_Tinks_image1what busy Mum's want from the conversations she has in the playground, from her friends and family and from her own daily experiences and observations.

When Mrs Tinks (aka Julia Boddy) was made redundant in 2009, it was easy to make the decision to start her own business.  She approached the London Food Centre at London South Banks University for technical advice and they referred her on to us.


"They put me in touch with The Olive Grows and the flexibility was perfect for me, as I do not have the finances to buy or rent my own premises yet. I now cook at The Olive Grows’ professional kitchens weekly. In addition to the facilities, the guidance and support they provide is invaluable. There have been times when I have felt l could never get this to work and having people I can turn to has saved me on many, many occasions." Julia Boddy, Founder


The meals are made with care and taste delicious without any added sugar or salt. Extra vegetables are included where possible and to improve the flavour. The Beef Lasagne includes Sweet Potato, which really enhances the taste. The other key dishes are Spinach and Butternut Squash Lasagne, Salmon and Cod Fish Pie and Chicken and Butternut Squash Curry.

Mrs Tinks' range will hopefully be widely available in London soon; most sales are currently at Julia's school gates and the KidPlay Cafe in Addiscombe, Croydon.

Other issues Julia Boddy is tackling include whether to introduce a frozen range, widening distribution, scaling up production and adding new flavours.  All in a days work for a busy Mum of three!


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