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School of Wok, Chinese Cookery School

A familiar new food entrepreneur's story

December 2009


The School of Wok at The Olive Grows.

"The Olive Grows lends not only a great venue for both food preparation and business growth, but also a huge helping hand to anyone who is starting up a new business in this tough industry. With all the necessary equipment, and the extensive knowledge and expertise of both George and Olga, I am constantly assured and grateful that The Olive Grows are always there when I need them". Jeremy Pang, School of Wok


Jeremy Pang's journey is increasingly common, with professional people re-evaluating their lives, their work, their ambitions and turning to their passions for fulfilment and income.



At The School of Wok, he has successfully applied his experiences and skills from the both the corporate world and his formal training at Le Cordon Bleu to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the food world.

A family illness in Feb 2009 called Jeremy back to Hong Kong for a prolonged period, during which time his career was put on the back burner.  On returning to the UK, he decided that instead of going back to the corporate rat-race, he would follow his dream of starting a business in the food industry.

Having already seen a market opportunity to teach people to make “proper” Chinese food, he undertook some formal training at Le Cordon Bleu and 3 months later the School of Wok was born and is growing.

School of Wok offers clients a unique learning opportunity in their own home, with Jeremy turning up with the ingredients to teach the authentic basics or more advanced techniques of Chinese cooking.



And at The Olive Grows kitchens, Jeremy offers his corporate clients unique team building experiences, in a commercial kitchen environment where culinary creativity tests even the most ardent foodies' skills.



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