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The Street Food Company

Foodservice and contract catering partners

April 2010


The Street Food Company is on a mission to bring regional dishes from around the world into the heart of contract catering and the foodservice sector.

Clients can take customers and staff on a culinary adventure to experience real Street Food, from slow cooked North African tagines served in the souks of Marrakech to steaming coconut milk curries from the tropical night markets of Central Malaysia.


'The Olive Grows fits in perfectly with our mission to help customers recreate truly local food from around the world by giving us the opportunity to work with small local suppliers of unique and exciting global cuisine. The team has helped us gain the confidence to grow and win new business’ James Harris, The Street Food Company



The recipes, for example, are recognisable for being not just from Malaysia, but specifically from the Penang region; not just from India, but from Amritsar.

This attention to culinary detail means clients can create buzzing international food courts and restaurant menus with authentic integrity, which can genuinely improve profit margins.

The company is just a few years old, experiencing the growing and survival pains of any young enterprise but growing steadily, with costs under control, excellent reltionships with suppliers and profits to re-invest in marketing and PR to really accelerate growth.

Clients served include Universities, contract caterers, pub chains, restaurants, caterers.

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