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Leiths' trained Adwoa Mwanza's African-inspired fine dining and premium catering

August 2010


Chef Proprietor and Leiths' trained Adwoa Mwanza

Adwoa was born in Ghana, where her parents ran a restaurant. This is where her passion for food began.  From the moment she came to the UK in 1986 Adwoa worked towards the time when she could train professionally, at the highest level, to start her own business creating fabulous food inspired by Africa. she is now tradingweekly at Tatchbrook Market near London's Victoria and has a portfolio of regular, lucrative corporate clients in the sports industry.


At The Olive Grows she has found inspiration and the confidence to pursue her dream and to really understand what it takes to start and run a succeful food business.


"Starting from nothing was intimidating for me in the early days.  The team at The Olive Grows has been so helpful in helping me to concentrate my efforts and my marketing so I can specialise in the areas in which I am most skilled.  The quality of my food was not represented in my website and I was not reaching out to my customers online.  All that is now changing. Adwoa Mwanza, Chef Proprietor


Peppercron spicy wrapsHaving trained professionally at Leiths' Cookery School Adwoa knows a thing or two about quality and creativity. Her philosophy is to use the best ingredients, carefully sourced to provide great-tasting food.  Attention to detail and outstanding service remain at the heart of every catering experience she creates.

"I am now focussing on the media and sports industry and in the fine dining, premium catering sector where my creativity can be most appreciated.  I am also launching my soups and patties at farmers markets and other consumer events."

Peppercorn Jerk Chicken FiloAdwoa’s passion is to bring the joy of African food to the UK palette; to provide a unique taste experience that evokes the colour, vibrancy and warmth of this wonderful continent, whose cuisine is as yet undiscovered by the West.