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G'NOSH - an exciting new food brand

Gourmet dips without the fuss

March 2012

Gnosh_CK_with_product-1smallAs Charlotte Knight says on her website:

"I guess everyone has a light-bulb moment once in their lives? That time when you know you have to quit what you’re doing and follow your heart"

Yes, many of us do have that lightbulb moment.  But how many of us are brave enough, indeed crazy enough, to go for it?!

Since The Olive Grows is a place where people come to fulfill their food business dreams, we see a fair few Charlotte-like people.  We say Charlotte-like, because there are very few exactly like Charlotte!


We've said it before in some of these client case studies, and we'll say it again here; there is something immediately apparent in the attitude, demeanour, language and approach of some clients we see that makes them stand out from the rest; that gives us confidence that they will achieve their ambitions... and then some!


Charlotte came armed with not just the recipes, the branding and the packaging, but with a very clear vision of what G'NOSH is about and what it will achieve.

Like all successful brands, the concept is clear

"Gourmet dips without the fuss. Combining easy-going food (that's the NOSH) with a love of gourmet (what the G stands for!)"

"Made for sharing" - eating this food is a social, fun experience

"Exciting recipes" - not your run of the mill, predictable dips

"Share the experience with us" - an open, friendly, inclusive brand



Don't be fooled into a false sense of start-up security though! Charlotte's journey has not been without it's challenges, some of which could have had disastrous consequences.  Her conviction and a refusal to give up has seen her through those early tough times.

“After a challenging journey exploring manufacturing partners for my business, I was delighted to have been introduced to Olive Grows from one of my hero brands “Stewed!”

The Olive Grows have been instrumental to my business; a nurturing, warm and collaborative solution for food entrepreneurs that I could totally trust from our first meeting. Something quite rare to find. They place pride on relationships and going the extra mile to help you achieve your dream from launch through to moving on as you scale to an outsourced manufacturing solution.

It is a delight to work with Olga and the team who genuinely care about you and your business, are flexible and an on-tap resource of help. I wish I had met them sooner!”

Charlotte Knight, Founder

You'll see us saying it again and again in our news stories and client case studies; the products and brands that have clarity, understand their market and differentiate themselves from the competition, combined with owners who have tenacity and conviction, have a greater chance of succeeding.

We wish G'NOSH every success, even though we know it will mean they will outgrow our modest professional kitchens very fast!

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