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Lalani & Co

An exciting new tea trading company specialising in exceptional new and traditional single estate teas


May 2010

Lalani-logo-webLalani & Co joined The Olive Grows expanding community of food and drink artisans in May 2010 and within weeks secured its first order from HR Higgins of Duke Street, long-established specialist tea retailer.

Now certified by the Soil Association, Lalani & Co are utilising the kitchen space for storage and packing of their organic and Fairtrade teas, which will be gracing the most discerning tea cups in the UK before long.



"Using The Olive Grows kitchens in these early days for storage, packing and distribution means we can avoid running a warehouse that is only partly utilised, but would still incur full overheads and unnecessary energy use.  All the hassle of administering premises is removed leaving us with more time to develop the business and grow our sales." Jameel Lalani, Founder


The only tea garden in Laos, the Paksong Tea Garden was planted from the seeds of the wild-growing tea trees in Northern Laos near to the Chinese border. According to the garden's history, tea from these wild trees was highly prized by the Chinese Emperors for its quality and flavour. Entire trees would be cut down to obtain the choicest leaves which would be reserved for the imperial family and court dignitaries.

website-background-meg2smallThis wild variety of tea has been spared from rigorous cultivation and thus produces leaves of exceptional and complex character. They are double-certified organic and FLO-Fairtrade. The estate’s entire production only amounts to 30 tonnes each year, compared to over 2,000 for some estates. Teas of this decent have been recorded with unusually high antioxidant levels in the cup.  These are the Garden’s best teas of which Lalani & Co is pleased to be the exclusive importer to the UK


Jameel Lalani adds “The demand for upmarket teas is growing rapidly as consumers reawaken to the varieties available from different origins around the world. Fine teas are indeed as complex as fine wine and are being recognised as having significant health benefits, especially green tea”.

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