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Spice Sutra

The Indian art of pickling


April 2010

SpiceSutra-logoAward-winning Spice Sutra is bringing new and exotic Indian flavours to the retail market.


Indian pickles are most commonly associated with the green pepper variety we see in Indian restaurants, which are a far cry from the authentic and varied pickles served in homes across the Indian sub-continent.

Lunch_innovation_label_2010_smallRipinder Singh is determined to bring authenticity to our plates and has designed a range of pickles inspired by the colours, spices and flavours he experiences back home.  Spice Sutra launched in April 2010

“I’ve had the basic recipe for meat-pickling for 12 years.  It came from my best friend’s Mum in Mumbai, who was the most amazing cook and had learnt her skills from the villagers in the Kashmiri mountains.  I have wanted to do something with this recipe since then and last June I started to refine the recipes to achieve the right balance between authenticity and meeting the discerning flavour expectations of UK consumers.

“I’m a new start up company, and new to the field of food manufacturing as well. Being able to work from a kitchen like The Olive Grows has been ideal for someone like me. The ability to hire a well equipped kitchen on a flexible basis is just fantastic, without causing too much strain on the pocket. There is also the benefit of having Olga and George who are very accommodating of my fluid plans and have immense knowledge of the food industry so there is always someone to turn to if you need advice or guidance.

Also having different caterers and food manufacturers working under one roof; I think it’s a great way to network and at the same time find out what the market wants and what direction it is heading.” Ripi Singh, Founder


Its immediate success and vociferous requests from his new but passionate customers motivated Ripi to develop a further two flavours, one lamb based and a vegetarian variety, and confidently pursue his dream.

And in October 2010, the products won a well-deserved innovation award at the Lunch! trade show.

The product is very versatile and can be used simply as a sandwich filling, a cooking ingredient to spice up many dishes or simply as an accompaniment.

The Olive Grows facilities have helped Ripi speed up his route to market as he can spend just a few hours a month bulk producing instead of having to do this weekly from his home kitchen.

Ripi's aim is to establish Spice Sutra as the premier brand for authentic and delicious meat and vegetable based pickles, serving both the retail and wholesale sectors.

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