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Chefs On The Move

Event and function management that puts the food first

March 2009

Chefs_on_the_MovesmallFor growing caterers, The Olive Grows enables a company to take on more and bigger functions and events without the hefty investment required for a larger kitchen.


2009 was a good year for Chefs On The Move.  Demand for both corporate and private events was on the increase, primarily through word-of-mouth and growing online enquiries.  The company needed more substantial premises to service this demand and to take on larger functions, but it faced some tough investment decisions in the midst of the recession.


Mark Dunne, Chef Proprietor, is clear about the benefits:


"The Olive Grows is the perfect solution for this stage of my business development. The facilities allow me to develop and grow the business without the overheads of a permanent kitchen which is very important in today’s climate.

If I have a quiet week I do not use the kitchen and most of all I do not have the expense. I can book as much space or as many hours as I need according to the size of event that I am catering for; it's completely flexible.

An unexpected benefit is the opportunity to meet other people like myself who are new in business; it’s great to be able to learn from each other. The management team at The Olive Grows have always shown great support and interest in my work and have even got hands on when vans needed loading and the pressure was on!" 

Chefs On The Move is more than a caterer; Mark's real talent is in creating memorable events and parties whilst ensuring the menu and the food are centre-stage.