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Designer Art Cakes - designer celebration cakes

Love your shoes and bags so much you would eat them?


November 2011

Chanel handbag and shoe cakeWith Marcia Brown's help you can do just that!

Marcia knows how to make good cakes.  After being made redundant lin 2009  she decided it was time to put her creative talents to more fruitful use.   Hours and hours of lessons in sugarcraft and cake designing ensued and in 2010 Designer Art Cakes was born.


Not just any old celebtration cake

It was not long before Marcia recognised that the most delicious fruit or vanilla cakes were not enough to get the order-book filled; she needed something different, something more WOW! And so her specialism in designer handbags and shoes was developed.


What's your obsession? Jimmy Choo stillettos, Chanel clutches, Louis Vuitton totes?


Occasion Cakes - Edible Photo cake"I know everyone says it, but George and Olga have been brilliant.  They've always got such great ideas and are constantly looking for opportunities for me to promote myself.  They asked me to do a cake for the launch of Alan Rosenthal's book, stewed!  That meant exposure with the publishing house and a new corporate audience.  Up until then I had only thought of doing cakes for private individuals" Marcia Brown, Designer Art Cakes



Recently The Olive Grows managed to get Designer Art Cakes featured with Dune Shoes.  In response to a journalist alert for their new "Dune Loves" website, Marcia sent them a cake and a cake topper made exclusively for their summer collection. It went down a storm with the media team, who immediately tweeted her and posted her designs on facebook.


dune_cakeIIsmall DesignerartCakes_RoyalWedding Dune_side2small



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