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Benefits for food production and catering businesses

An invaluable facility to help you start and grow your food enterprise


For young businesses, the production kitchens address some of their biggest problems:

“Where can I produce my food when I’ve outgrown my kitchen at home?


As I can’t afford my own commercial production unit, how can I present a professional image to potential new customers and grow my business?”


For the established business, the production kitchens provide additional capacity that enable low risk growth with minimal capital investment.

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Reduced start-up costs and freed up capitalGreat food at The Olive Grows
Avoid early capital expenditure on equipment and premises so you have more to invest in product development, sales and building your brand.


Your business can be unpredictable, so we are flexible. There is no obligation for you to make a long term commitment to using the premises.

Hassle Free

You just turn up, cook, clean and sell. No need to worry about premises and equipment maintenance, utility bills, paying rent and rates, waste management;  The Olive Grows takes care of that for you. Great food at The Olive Grows


Presenting the right image when your business is new can be hard. The Olive Grows production kitchens enable you to market your company and products from “your” professional, commercial premises to make sure you impress first time, every time.

Reduced costs and overheads

Insurance premiums are commonly lower when using commercial kitchen facilities than operating from home. You will be more productive because of the space and the industrial equipment.

Focus on what you do best

Using these facilities means that you can concentrate on what is really important in making your business a success.

That should leave you with more money and time to

DevelopManufacture Sell